Electric Green El Wire w/ Flip Diffraction Glasses Astroshadez


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  • Frost clear frame (intensifies glow effect) w/ tinted lower lens
  • Flip down diffraction lens (can be removed)
  • Features multiple modes
    - Solid glow (constant on)
    - Strobe (blinking)
  • El Wire covers entire frame of the glasses including the arms (as opposed to competitors)
  • Includes 3 foot wire from glasses to inverter
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • 100% genuine ASTROSHADEZ

Our flip diffraction glasses were created for the ultimate day-to-night wear. These highly durable and top quality glasses give the option of flipping down the upper lenses to convert them into diffraction glasses. When you're in chill mode, flip the diffraction lenses up. When you're ready for party mode, simply flip them down to get you in the groove! We also offer tinted, chrome, or clear lower lens; we recommend tinted for daytime (outdoor) wear and clear for nighttime (indoor) wear. Compared to other companies, we believe in having the diffraction lens on top rather than on the bottom so that you can wear them even when you're in non-party mode!

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