Our Review of - EXCELLENT

Sunglasses are almost always a necessity when it comes to cycling. We are avid cyclists and when it was time for us to purchase some new cycling gear, we had come across, where they specialize in selling retro cycling jerseys. They had hundreds of options to choose from, which was almost overwhelming. The nice thing about their site, was that it was clean, and easy to navigate. Not only that, but their pricing was fair, and cheaper than other cycling jersey stores online. 

We ordered 3 jerseys from them, which took about 15 days (not bad considering it was shipped from China). Upon receipt of the cycling jerseys, we were quite impressed with the quality. One would think that for a $30 cycling jersey, quality would not be too good, compared to popular branded cycling jerseys. The print and color of the jerseys were vivid and clear. The polyester fabric was soft and breathable. The jersey was made of 2 types of polyester fabric. The front and back panels were made of a tightly woven micromesh, while the arms and side panels, were made of polyester, but with larger holes in them, to allow for breathability. The jersey was outfitted with 3 pockets in the back, good for storing our water, wallet, and keys. The retro cycling jerseys sported elastic waist grippers which prevented the jersey from sliding up our backs during our 3-hour ride (in beautiful Santa Monica, California) and a full YKK front zipper.

We purchased a few retro cycling jerseys from, and their quality and customer service exceeded our expectations. As we were browsing the website, we noticed that they also sold fishing gear and some other outdoor-related accessories, like sunglasses, fishing masks, cycling kits, and helmets.

One really neat thing they offered at was the ability to design and create your own custom cycling jersey with their 3D designer. This was such a cool feature. After playing around with it for a little, this little addition to their site was definitely something we want to try in the future. From what we saw, you could choose one of their pre-designed templates, or start from scratch, and choose colors of the different panels of the retro cycling jersey. Additionally, you could add your own graphics or logos as well as place your own text. At the time, they had advertised their custom jerseys to only be $50 with no minimum order, which is unheard of! Any other website, you would have to have a minimum of 5 jerseys, which all cost over $100. Quite impressive, we must say. 

Overall, we had a great experience with Their retro cycling jerseys are very good quality, their shipping speed was good, and they offer tons of options for the recreational fisher and cyclist. 

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