How We Designed and Ordered a Custom Cycling Jersey Online from

Custom Cycling Jersey Digital Design

We've finally had the chance to design our own custom cycling jersey from our buddies at and we are quite impressed with the workflow, their online design process, communication, and delivery. We are avid cyclists and wanted to design our own cycling jersey from a trip that had taken when we visited Tuscany Italy.

From beginning to end, the process was a breeze. In total, it took about 20 minutes for us to design the jersey from First, we chose the template to work from. They had many premade templates or you had the option to start from a blank design. We chose one of their premade templates.

Custom Cycling Jersey


Then came the fun part. We got to customize our jersey! We had a plethora of options, colors, and fonts to choose from. Everything was completely customizable. Everything from choosing the colors of the collar, the jersey, the sleeves, even each individual pocket color! We were even able to import images, so we imported an image of Italy!

Custom Cycling Jersey

After we finished our design and submitted the order, a representative shortly contacted us to see if there were any changes we wanted to make, but we were pretty happy with the design and just wanted it produced for us. 

After waiting about 20 days (17 days to be exact), our custom jersey finally arrived. The first impression was WOW. We couldn't believe we turned something from our imagination into a tangible product. The quality and feel of the jersey was extremely soft, light, and looked to be highly breathable. The fit was perfect, as we ordered a size larger because the website notified us that they run smaller.

Since receiving the jersey, we've got about 10 rides in and it is as comfortable as ever. The colors did not fade after numerous washes, the material and colors were just like how we received it from day one. 

Overall the entire experience was delightful. We are beyond stoked to design more jerseys for our team and friends. Surprisingly, they did not require a minimum quantity order when we placed our order. (We've tried before from other sites, but they require 10+ jerseys). 

Take a look at the photos and let us know what your thoughts are. We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our custom cycling jersey from and will certainly be purchasing more for the rest of our group members.

Custom Cycling Jersey Outdoorgoodstore.comCustom Cycling Jersey

Custom Cycling Jersey Outdoorgoodstore.comCustom Cycling Jersey